The Greatest Carpenter

Many would debat who is the greatest known carpenter who ever lived. Norm Abram of the famed Yankee Workshop would certainly be the most well known today. I thourghly enjoy watching him recreated classic works of funiture in his glorious workshop.

However, even with all his fame on “This Old House” and the “Yankee Workshop,” most people would agree that he comes in a distant second to the most admired and worship, yes worshiped, carpenter. Who is it you say? None other than Jesus of Nazareth! Yes the Savior of the world is also the most well known carpenter of all time.

When you think about it, even without all the wonderful tools at modern man’s disposal, Jesus didn’t even need wood, He could have spoken it into existance., which He did when He created the world. Look at a tree and tell me He isn’t a great craftsman.

The Joy of Wood


Colossians 1:16


About woodworkingkeith

I am 57 and I have always loved to work with wood. Of late, I have a passion for making rustic furniture, tables, beds, rockers etc. I am also a strong Christian with Christian morals, which I believe are an asset.
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